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Meet Victoria

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Victoria Baber, Marketer & Designer

Victoria offers comprehensive design and website development services, catering to diverse needs such as logos, personal brand representation, and e-commerce capable websites.


Her collaborative approach to design fosters strong relationships with clients and colleagues, distinguishing her as a true creative talent. With a proven track record and a penchant for transforming ideas into impactful visual statements, Victoria's work speaks volumes.


Reach out for a consultation on your next project and witness how she brings your ideas to vibrant life.

vb PORTRAIT_edited.png

Victoria Baber

Marketer, Art Lover, & Designer

Bringing Visions to Reality.

With over nine years of experience in Marketing, IT, Design, and Art, my passion lies in identifying the authentic needs of businesses and transforming them into tangible, measurable outcomes.


Throughout my career, I've played a pivotal role in enabling companies, teams, and individuals to optimize their revenue streams. My expertise lies in crafting creative marketing strategies that not only maximize ROI but also significantly boosts brand exposure with notable achievements including a 150% increase in website traction.

Marketing is not just a profession for me; it's my true passion. I approach every project with an unwavering commitment, pouring my heart and soul into each and every project.


Outside of the world of marketing, you'll often find me traveling, spending time with my four dogs (three Dalmatians and one German Shepherd), expressing my creative side through art, and actively engaging within my local community.

- Albert Einstein

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